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Our poultry machines: low cost of ownership, quick return on investment

Global economics dictate that poultry processors must be able to maintain an efficient operation: to process as many birds per hour at the lowest cost of ownership per bird, with breakdowns kept at an absolute minimum.

Complete poultry processing solutions

USE Poultry Tech BV, based in The Netherlands, is well placed to help you meet these increased demands. Having started as a supplier of used and reconditioned machines and spare parts, in the past years we have developed our own production of effective new complete poultry solutions.

Knowing what works best for processing poultry

We originated as a company repairing, reconditioning and reconstructing poultry machines from all brands. In doing so, we have obtained a thorough and unsurpassed knowledge of poultry hardware. Indeed, our experienced staff boasts a combined involvement of 100 years in the industry. Combined with over 120 annual visits to processing plants worldwide, we are not hindered by a limited viewpoint and simply know what works best.

Reliable, cost-effective poultry machines

Resulting from the above, we started production of new processing machines and spare parts compatible with all major brands for processing up to 6000 birds per hour, serving the middle market. The result is robust, reliable hardware, which holds the best of all possible worlds. And that is not all. Small overhead and smart engineering allows us to supply new machines substantially cheaper than similar machines from the "Big Guys". Even on new equipment, we guarantee:

  • A high yield and minimum product waste;
  • A quick return of investment;
  • A low cost of ownership.

From entire production lines down to single machines down to its spare parts, USE Poultry Tech sells poultry technology you can rely on to improve your business.

Looking for used poultry processing machines?

Perhaps you're more interested in second hand and reconditioned poultry machinery. Our extensive inventory of used poultry machines is available online in a separate department.