Meyn complete 6000 - 8000 birds per hour processing line


1. Arrival section


Stunning, killing, scalding and plucking

Stunner module
Automatic killer machine
8 section scalding length (+ in / out feed section and turn around section)
3x pluckers JM64
Bird unloader

Meyn Evisceration line

Almost no wear on cams and modules!

The machines, slide shafts and cams are in exeptional shape. 

Meyn Head and wing pipe puller (16 units)
Meyn automatic rehanger killing to evisceration
Meyn neck breaker (16 units)
Meyn Vent cutter (16 units)
Meyn opener (16 units)
Meyn Lung Eviscerator (36 units)
Evisceration/inspection trough
Meyn Cropper (16 units)
Meyn inside/outside bird washer (16 units)

Gizzard harvesters

Meyn Gizzard Harvester high capacity (8000 Gizzards per hour)
Meyn Gizzard peeling table
Meyn Gizzard Harvester low capacity (4000 gizzards per hour)

Chilling (water chilling)

Small water chiller
2x 4 sections big water chiller
Bird unloader/drop off in water chiller
Ice generator

Weighing Line

Weighing line
Multiple drop-off stations 14 stations

Meyn Cut-up line

Weighing for Cut-up line 4 drop off stations
1 cut-up line, combination Linco and Meyn