Bayle duck wax line 1500 dph

Duck Processing Plant 1500 dph 2870


brand: Bayle®
pitch: 8
capacity: 1500 dph
current state: 2


Bayle Ducks Processing Plant 1500 dph

Note: dry picking has been used for this line. If you require we can add a scalded and two pickers to make wet(automatic) picking possible.

Design parameters
Capacity:                       1500 ducks/hour
Average live weight:       1800-4200 grams
Pitch:                             8 inch
Bleeding time:                180 sec.
Bleeding length:              15,2 meters
Electricity:                      220-380V/50Hz
Min./ max. live weight:    1.8- 4.5 kg



1 Arrival department* (new optional)

Crate conveyor

- Length:     5000 mm

- Width:       700 mm

- Height:      on customer specification

- Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosion materials

- Heavy duty chain

High-pressure crate washer brand Karcher for cleaning crates by hand         

2 Killing and defeathering department

Bayle overhead conveyor kill/ev line, t-track, 8 inch pitch, consisting of:

- galvanized hardened steel chain* and trolleys 

- 400, 3 point hanging shackles*

- galvanised t-track overhead conveyor sections 

- corner wheels, 90/180 degrees

- 1 drive unit 2.2 KW (variable speed) including speed regulator* 

- 1 line tensioner 

- up and down

Stunner* (new optional)

- Mounted on the floor

- Height adjustable

- Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosion materials

Bleeding trough consisting concrete covered with tiles for an effective bleeding length of 15200 mm, to be constructed locally (locally supply)

Bayle wax dipping tank

Bayle cold water bath

Bayle wax dipping tank 

Bayle wax recycling belt

Bayle wax reclaiming tank

Bayle vertical disc plucking machine 3, PF type. The machine is made of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials and includes:

- adjustable galvanized frame

- 6 plucking banks hydraulic controlled

- 14 plucking discs per row with 8 plucking fingers per disc in total 672 plucking fingers 

- 12 motors, 1.1 kW each

3 Evisceration department

Bayle automatic neck saw

Manual evisceration tools * (new optional)

Bayle automatic hock cutter

Bayle feet unloading machine

Bayle line washer

08 Additional equipment

Control panel