Vemag robot 500

Vemag® Robot 500

VEMAG® Robot 584

Poultry Processing Equipment


brand: VEMAG®
machine: Robot 500
capacity: Filling capacity up to 2200kg/h
machine length: 1000 mm
machine width: 1000 mm
machine height: 1800 mm
weight: 376 kg with 40 litre hopper
installed power per motor: 415 V 4 kW
current state: 1
spare parts: Yes

The ROBOT 500 is the economical solution for all filling tasks. Its flexible modular system comprising vacuum filler and perfectly adapted attachments make it the reliable choice for all applications, which is why it is the world‘s leading vacuum filler with over 3500 units sold.

The ROBOT 500 provides you with:

  • High level of reliability for your processes
  • High level of flexibility thanks to wide range of applications
  • Optimised economic efficiency
  • Optimum hygiene

ROBOT 500 for all filling tasks ... In combination with the relevant attachment, the ROBOT 500 is the number-one choice for all challenging filling and portioning tasks.... and for sausage production. Fitted with linking gear, a casing holding device or length portioning device, the ROBOT 500 is the ideal solution for linking sausages.



Portion weight 10-10000 g

Filling pressure up to approx 20 bar

Vacuum pump output 15m3/h


Second machine for spareparts!!!