RENDERING 2x 8500lit Douglas Rownsen

Rendering 2x 8500lit Douglas Rownsen

Raw Material Handling section:
Mixed waste bin, capacity 25m3
Inclining Conveyor
Cooker feed conveyor
blood Storage tank w Mixer
blood dosing pump

Processing section
2 x Batch cooker feed chute
2 x Batch cooker 8500 lit
Cooker loading platform
moisture testing unit

Defatting section
Meal holding bin
press feed conveyor
Fat press

Meal Handling with shaking Screen

Fat handling and storage section

Vapour handling section
Batch cooker vapour trap
Aircooled condensor unit mod. 3500

Deodorizing system

Primary wash unit
- NaOH wash unit
- NaOCI wash unit

Main control panel