Grasselli® Deskinner C35-P, 2354

Grasselli® Deskinner C35-P

Grasselli® Deskinner 2354


brand: Grasselli®
machine: Compact Deskinner
machine type: C 35 P
fixed machine speed: Working speed 16,8 M/min
machine length: 600 mm
machine width: 550 mm
machine height: 1000 mm
weight: 90 kg
installed power per motor: 0,37 kW
current state: 1
spare parts: extra knives

Grasselli Deskinner

  • Useable skinning width:350 mm
  • Integral skin thickness control system
  • Compact, easy to move around, ideal for small to medium size production facilities
  • Sanitary design, with no flat surfaces, and radius edges to aid efficient sanitation
  • Tempered tooth-roller and double bearings to improve durability and to ensure longevity
  • High tooth-roll speed to improve production rates
  • All major mechanical and electrical components are accessible through a single access panel
  • Stainless steel structure, tested and certificated as being non-radioactive