Linco Cropper, 24 units

Linco Cropper, 24 units

  • Removes crop, windpipe and debris from the neck skin of the chicken by a rotating probe inserted through the carcass.
  • The probes are cleaned by a rotating brush once out of the chicken, before it returns back up through the carcass
  • 24 units
  • Capacity 2000 up to 8000 birds per hour
  • Supplied with frame and drainage tray
  • Made primarily of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Clockwise turning direction
  • Height adjustable 


Click here for a video of this machine in production!



Linco Cropper, 20402


brand: Linco
machine: Cropper
year manufactured: 2005
pitch: 6"
direction: CW
units: 24
capacity: up to 8000 BPH
machine length: 1880mm
machine width: 1480mm
machine height: 2600mm
weight: 775kg
installed power per motor: 0.75kW