*SOLD* Linco Final Inspection, 12 units, 20407 *SOLD*

Linco Final Inspection

  • The Final Inspection Machine removes any remaining lungs and other debris left in the bird’s cavity after eviscerating
  • The machine is driven by the overhead conveyor
  • Each head assembly consists of dual suction probes which are individually activated by the manifold on top of the machine to apply the maximum vacuum on each lung area.
  • The cam driven heads pass the lung area four times in each revolution ensuring maximum lung removal while improving yield by minimizing leaf fat removal

Linco Final Control, 20407


brand: Linco
machine: Final Inspection
pitch: 6"
direction: CW
units: 12
capacity: 6000 BPH
machine length: 1680 mm
machine width: 1440 mm
machine height: 2600 mm
weight: 560 kg