Meyn Gizzard Harvester CD-6000, 7073

  • Used Meyn Gizzard Harvester CD-6000 to process up to 6000 gizzards per hour;
  • Separates the gizzard from the pre-stomach of a processed bird, cuts and cleans the gizzard and finally peels the inside of the gizzard to remove the inner skin;
  • If necessary the gizzards can be checked on a gizzard checking table and finish peeled by hand. 

Before and after pictures

Short overview of recondition work being carried out on a Meyn CD-6000 Gizzard Harvester.

Test run in our workshop

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brand: Meyn
machine: Gizzard Harvester
machine type: CD-6000
capacity: 6000 gizzards per hour
machine length: 2300 mm
machine width: 840 mm
machine height: 850 - 1750 mm
weight: +- 350 kg
installed power per motor: 1.5 kW B5 Electrical Motor and 2.2 kW M1 Geared Motor