Meyn Topic Giblet Harvester

Meyn Topic Giblet Harvester

Capacity approx. 8.000 packages of giblets/hour

The machine positions the various giblets fully automatically. The gizzard, heart and liver are separated form the remaining intestines package at different places during the process. Topic stand for Total Giblet Process In Control.

For the giblet package consisting of:
1. Gizzard + by-gizzard
2. Liver + gall
3. Lungs
4. Heart
5. Intestines
6. Vent

1. Gizzard roller unit
1.1 Supply channel
2. Gizzard transport unit (transport chain)
3. Stripper
4. Heart catcher
5. Liver knife  
6. Ejector plate
7. Intestine roller unit  
8. Heart roller
9. Heart-lung separator
10. Heart-lung water separation tank

Length: 4000mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 2000mm
Nett weight: 1650 kg
Water pressure: 2-3 bar
Water consumption: 1,5 M3/hour