Stork® HD-3.5F High Frequency Stunner

  • Stork stunner type HD3.5F which is suitable for high frequency stunning of poultry
  • Variable frequency between 50 and 400 Hertz (when combined with a high frequency panel)
  • Voltage adjustable 20 - 400 Volt.
  • Effective stun length of approximately 4200 millimeters
  • When set to stun at high frequency, the capacity is approximately up to 6000 birds per hour
  • When set to stun at low frequency, the capacity is approximately up to 10000 birds per hour
  • Stunning at higher frequencies can result in less hemorrhages and bone fractures
  • Hydraulic height adjustment.

Several Stork Stunners type HD3.5F's are available

Stunner panels

Low frequency stunner panel

High frequency stunner panel

  • NEW stunner panels can be supplied to control the stunner, with the following configurations:
  • low frequency panel: frequency adjustable 50 or 60 Hz; voltage adjustable 20-400 Volt
  • high frequency panel: frequency adjustable 50 to 400Hz; voltage adjustable 20-400 Volt

Stork Stunner HD-3.5F


brand: Stork
machine: High Frequency Stunner
machine type: HD-3.5F
capacity: up to 6000 (high frequency) - up to 10000 (low frequency) birds per hour
machine length: 5000 mm, effective stun length 4600 mm
machine width: 1000mm
machine height: 2300 mm
weight: 500kg
installed power per motor: 220/380V