Recently completed project: 3000 bph processing in Uganda

We have recently sold and installed a 3000 birds per hour processing line to Hudani Manji Holdings Ltd.. This is the parent company of the Yo Kuku! brand which operates a farm 50 km outside Kampala City, Uganda. The video was made by Yo Kuku. 

Please visit our product page for more information about our (semi)automatic processing lines for various processing solutions.

Video of Yo Kuku processing plant - Uganda

Recently delivered packing solution: whole bird baggers

We have developed our own semi-automatic whole bird bagger. A simple, but very efficient and practical machine to bag your birds. A skilled operator can pack 500-800 birds per hour with a single bagging machine! Here you can see our bird bagger in use by a customer in the Middle East. More information can be found here.

Video of semi automatic Bird Bagger (Middle East customer)

2000 birds per hour processing plant in Thailand

We have recently delivered and installed a 2000 birds per hour processing plant for a customer in Thailand. This video has been shot on-site.

A simple, but complete solution for companies who seek a low processing capacity. Perfect for for example poultry farms looking to establish their own slaughterhouse. 

Video of 2000 bph processing plant in Thailand