Recently added poultry processing machines

500 birds per hour compact processing line

A basic, but complete poultry processing solution to process up to 500 birds per hour. Based on proven technology and 30 years of poultry processing experience. Lean engineering, manufacturing and overhead enable a cost-effective processing solution. We have designed this line to be very easy to install, operate and maintain. More photos and details. Please view our demonstration video below for a complete impression of the line.

Arrival, Killing & Plucking



10 Years USE Poultry Technology

We are proud and happy to celebrate our 10 year anniversary this week. What started as a one-man business in his own home, is now a complete machine factory with up to 30 members of staff and a 6000m2 warehouse and production facilities. During this time we always strived to give our customers the best deals on cost-effective poultry processing equipment. And we will continue to do so. In addition to used equipment, more and more we are designing and building NEW equipment as well.

We thank all our customers and relations for their support and trust. Thank you for the continuing relations, business ventures and projects that we know lie ahead. Here's to great success for you and us!

Automatic evisceration line - 6000 bph NEW

NEW: Our cost-effective automatic evisceration line for processing 6000 birds per hour. Developed in-house, based on proven technology. Click photos to enlarge! More photos and details

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Affordable and efficient machines to process poultry

Whether you are slaughtering chicken broilers, , turkey or geese; we have the right processing machines for the job. From complete processing lines down to single defeathering / pluckingkilling, evisceration or cut-up machines down to its . In addition to our own in-house developed, high-quality equipment, we also sell used Stork, Meyn, Linco and Foodmate / Systemate machines at a fraction of the cost of new. Small overhead, sensible buying and smart engineering allow us to supply machines substantially cheaper than the "Big Guys". Even on new equipment, we guarantee:

  • a high yield and minimum product waste;
  • a quick return on investment;
  • a low cost of ownership. 

Spare parts for poultry processing equipment

We can supply replacement parts for your meat or poultry processing machines. All our replacement parts are 100% compatible with Stork, Meyn, Linco, Systemate and others. Also, some specific poultry machine wear parts are also available in a used / reconditioned state. If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Looking for a great deal on used poultry technology?

If you are looking for a used processing line, machine or even complete plant to start up or expand your processor business be sure to contact us. From our UK and Holland based warehouses we can supply a whole range of used poultry machines, all straight from stock. Our experienced engineers and salespeople visit up to 120 slaughterhouses and processing plants each year, giving us an extensive knowledge of the market. This enables us to offer you affordable chicken processing equipment and complete cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific processing needs. In the rare case we cannot deliver from our own stock, we know where to find the equipment you are looking for! 

We sell new equipment, spare parts and used machines from Stork, Meyn, Linco, Systemate, CFS/Koppens, Wolfking, VEMAG, AM2C, Bayle and more...