8.000 birds per hour poultry processing plant for sale

Killing, plucking, scalding, 6" T-track


Meyn Electrical warterbath Stunner
Meyn automatic killer
StSt Bleeding trough 40
SB Impianti scalders, ait agitated, 2 x 8 sections of 2.5 m each, double path (total 80m)
SB iImpianti contramatic
SB Impianti 2 +bottom bank disc plucker
SB Impianti 2 bank disc plucker
Linco 3 bank finisher
Meyn head&windpipe puller 180deg
Meyn hock unloader


Evisceration Department

Evisceration 6 inch line, 1998:


Vent cutter: 16 units, CCW

Opener: 16 units, CCW

Meastro Eviscerator: 28 units, CCW
with Intestines conveyor with seraration belt

Gibblet handling:
2 x CD-6000 Gizzard harvesters
elevating screw
Gizzard peeling table
Heart washer

Cropper: 16 units, CCW

Neckbreaker: 20 units, CCW

Neck skin trimmer: 16 units, CCW

Final inspection: 16 units, CCW

Fat suction machine (dismantled)

Inside / outside bird washer: 16 units, CCW

Buffer rehanger EV - Weight line




Air Chilling

pre-chilling / Air chilling




Weighing department



Cut-up line

Cut-up line