Machine Room

  • Hot water boiler with a capacity of up to 150.000 kcal/hour, suitable for a Jacuzzi scalder with 3 sections. Including burner, recirculation pump, expansion vessel, thermostat and piping.
  • Electrical installation consisting of control panels to control all equipment installed and one set of electrical cabling.

Waste Water Treatment

  • Physical waste water treatment unit designed and manufactured by Meyn
  • Type ZB/MF 3500-28 with a capacity of up to 45 m3/hour
  • 1 feed pump to static screen including check valves, piping and level control
  • 1 static screen, type ZB-2000, including collection gutters, brush cleaning device and supporting construction
  • piping from static screen to flotation basin (maximum distance 5 meters)
  • 1 micro-flotation basin, type Meyn MF 3500-28 made of stainless steel and equipped with electric top scraper, electric bottom scraper, recirculation system including pump and pressure vessel, supporting micr-aeration system and integral sludge bin with a capacity of 1140 liters
  • 1 pneumatic pump for sludge discharge, including level control
  • 1 electrical panel, including automatic start and stop cycles and Omron PLC control

Design parameters

Water temperatureca. 25°C
Capacity45 m3 per hour or 360 m3 per day 5100 mg/ltr 2200 mg/ltr
Oil and Fatca. 1100 mg/ltr
Suspended solidsca. 1800 mg/ltr

Above mentioned figures are based on the following assumptions: slaughter capacity of 3000 birds per hour with a live bird weight of 1.8 kg, a water consumption of 15 liters per bird and 8 hours of production.

Est. Effluent parametersReduction (%)Parameter (mg/l) 48ca 2650 48ca. 1170
Oil and Fatca. 60ca. 450
Suspended solidsca. 60ca. 79
Flotation Sludge Production
Sludge productionca. 0.9% of throughput
ca. 3.5 m3 per day
Dry solids contentca. 11%
Est. Consumption figures (based on 45 m3/hour)
Est. power consumptionca. 8- 9 kwH
Est. compressed air (including sludge pump)ca. 3 - 4 nm3 per hour

Required surface for installation of components mentioned is ca 80 - 100 m2. It is recommended to place the installation in a closed and dry room.

Rendering Plant

  • Complete dry rendering plant designed and manufactured by Meyn
  • Allows profitable recovery of protein by processing the normally inedible waste products resulting from the slaughter of broilers.
  • Raw materials include offal, wet feathers, blood, heads, feet and dead on arrivals processed in natural proportions to achieve a uniform mixed protein meal
  • Raw materials will be sterilized, hydrolyzed and dried in a cooker-drier to produce a mixed meal which can be used as part of the protein and energy source in the formulation of broiler feed rations.
  • Rendering plant has been sized to process the inedible waste products in natural proportions resulting from the slaughter of 28.800 broilers per day, 6 hours of per day at an average live weight of 1.6 kg. This results in the following daily available quantities of raw materials:
Plant capacity
3000 BPH6000 BPH
Water saturated feathers4272 kg9504 kg
Offals, heads and feet3600 kg7200 kg
Blood864 kg1728 kg
Dead on arrivals288 kg576 kg
Total raw material flow per day9504 kg*19008 kg*
Output: Mixed Meal Product2850 kg**5700 kg**
Plant operating time10 -12 hours per day*** 20-22 hours per day***
  1. * The quantity of 9504 kg of raw material will be treated in two (2) charges of 4752 kg in one 6500 liter cooker-drier, type MRE 6.5. The quantity of 19008 kg of raw material will be treated in four (4) charges of 4752 kg in one 6500 liter cooker-drier, type MRE 6.5
  2. ** including loading and unloading
  3. *** approximate yield of mixed meal product at an assumed moisture content of 10% and estimated fat content not exceeding 30% oil

Scope of Supply

1. Raw material handling section

  • raw material handling bin, including live bottom fitted with fout heavy duty screws with a diameter of 300 mm with a total capacity of 15 m3
  • Cooker loading screw conveyor to transfer the raw materials from the raw material handling bin into the cooker-drier. Dimensions: 500 mm diameter x 5 meters long
  • Agitated blood storage tank to receive and store liquid blood with a capacity of 200 liters. Supplied with agitator,1.5 kW drive unit and discharge connection.
  • Blood Transfer / Dosing pump to transfer blood from the blood storage tank into the cooker-drier.
  • One set of blood transfer pipe work

2. Processing section

  • 6500 liter cooker-drier type MRE 6.5: Cooker being constructed in carbon steel plate having a 25 mm inner shell and 10 mm outer steam jacket, suitable for being heated to 7.0 bar pressure on the jacket and agitator, capable of withstanding an internal pressure of 3.0 bar.

    Supplied with 45 kW drive consisting of shaft mounted gearbox, fluid coupling, V-belt assembly and electric motor, all mounted on a common sub-frame

    Agitator is fitted with steam inlet and condensate outlet rotary unions

    Vessel has 50 mm thick insulation to prevent heat loss

    Machine is fitted with steam manifold, jacket release valves, combination steam trap / strainer, gauge panel containing pressure and temperature gauges

    Cooker has a manually operated charging door and is fitted with a safety type manual discharge door.

    Cooker was fully assembled and hydrostatistically tested, jacket, internal shell and agitator witnessed by Lloyds Register of Shipping and release certificates issued for these tests

    The cooker-drier is designed according to British Standard 5.500 for unfired pressure vessels regulations
  • Automatic end-point moisture controller to monitor the residual moisture content of the material being processed
  • Temperature chart recorder and moisture analysing testing unit

3. Semi-automatic Meal Handling

  • Meal cooling / holding bin to receive cooked product and cool prior to screening with a capacity of 4 m3 including agitator arms
  • Meal transfer conveyor to feed the cooled material to the vibrating system. Dimensions: 200 mm diameter x 550 mm long
  • Meal screening unit with bagging off spout for removal of oversize and foreign matter from the meal. Capacity: 1600 kg / hour

4. Vapour handling (air-cooled condensing).

  • Set of vapour piping to interconnect the cooker, cyclone, condensor to atmosphere 
  • Solids separation vessel for removal of solid portions  from the vapour prior to entering the condensor
  • Air-cooled condensor to remove condensables from the vapour stream by means of indirect contact with a air draught provided by electrically powered fans. Power consumption: 30 kW.
  • Set of condensate and non-condensables services to interconnect the condensor outlet to the condensate tank, condensate tank to the pump and the non-condensables fan and from there to the atmosphere
  • Mild steel pipe work, condensate tank and pup 2.2 kW and non-condensate extraction fan 5.5 kW
  • Electrical services: main control panel to control all installed components



Meyn 3000BPH processing plant


brand: Meyn
machine type: Complete 3000BPH poultry processing plant
year manufactured: 1999 - 2000
capacity: up to 3000 birds per hour (expandable to 6000 birds per hour)
current state: In very good condition, very well maintained