Used poultry cut-up lines for sale

USE Poultry Technology can supply both used and new cut-up lines. Generally we supply systems to portioning birds from all major A brand OEM's, such as Meyn, Linco, Systemate / Foodmate and Stork.

What is available right now, depends on the market situation. However we generally have several pre-owned cut-up lines on stock at any given time. If this does not fit customer requirements, we can try to source a used line from somewhere around the globe. Alternatively we have developed a NEW cut-up line with a capacity of up to 2500 birds per hour. Based on proven technology and very cost-effective.

A cut-up line portions processed birds (i.e. killed, plucked, eviscerated whole birds). Desired cuts vary from country to country and depend on dietary preferences. Examples of often requested cuts are:

  • whole wings (cut by whole wing cutter)
  • breast cap (cut by breast cap cutter)
  • front half (cut by horizontal halver)
  • anatomical legs or leg quarters (cut by leg processor or saddle cutter)
  • anatomical thighs or thigh chops (by thigh / drum separator)
  • drum sticks
  • please note that there are (many) more cuts possible, just let us know what you need...

There's a growing demand for cut-up poultry, as increasing numbers of consumers around the globe desire convenient, ready-to-cook, packaged chicken pieces. 

Our current stock of used cut-up lines can be found below. Please note that all our machines and lines are sold as-is (and sometimes where-is). We have an in-house production facility which, on customer request, can overhaul or recondition a cut-up line to run in good working order or even just like new.