Meyn/Systemate cut-up line

whole bird hanging belt

Meyn 8” single leg-weighline 10 drop-off stations, with Meyn computer, with 180deg weigher

Meyn/systemate cut-up line

the cut-up line has the following cuts:
neck skin cut
whole wing high yield
horizontal halving
saddle splitter/back strip cutter/thigh popper
anatomical leg processor
drum/thigh cutter
control panel

whole bird in-feed and out parts out feed conveyors

Meyn/Systemate Whole wing segmenter - 3 piece.

Meyn/Systemate cut-up line

Systemate/Meyn cut-up line


brand: Systemate/Meyn cut-up line
machine: cut-up line
machine type: 7piece cut-up line
pitch: 12"
direction: CW
units: 8
capacity: 5000bph
machine length: 11.0 m
machine width: 2.50 m
machine height: 2.5m