Linco Maxiload

Systems for live bird arrival and handling.

When poultry is ready to be slaughtered, the live birds will be transported from the farm to the slaughterhouse, processing or dressing plant. The means of transportation varies from country to country and depend on local customs and preferences. A modern way of transporting poultry - from broilers to duck and geese - is by carrying them in crates or steel containers. The main advantages are a higher welfare for animals, less deaths and damage incurred, leading to higher yields and noteworthy cost savings from beginning to end of the loading and unloading process.

Used equipment for poultry arriving / reception area

USE Poultry Tech sells all kinds of used and reconditioned systems for your bird arrival / reception area, such as:

  • Crate stacking and destacking;
  • Crate washers;
  • Chain driven conveyors and roller tracks for transporting poultry.

Please find our selection of used live bird handling systems below. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information or when you are looking for something else.