Meyn Automatic Rehanger Kill > EV, 7097

  • Meyn Syncom Rehanger which was developed to rehang products from the killing line to the evisceration line;
  • During the rehanging the hocks of the product will be cut by a knife unit;
  • The machine is controlled by a board computer which controls the speed of a secondary (slave) and primary (master) line;
  • Birds will be rehung from the shackles of the master line into the shackles of the slave line in a continuous, synchronised process;
  • Machine makes use of new type transfer wheel, see picture below.

New type transfer wheel

Machine type plate

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brand: Meyn
machine: Rehanger Killing - Evisceration
machine type: Syncom type
year manufactured: 1995
capacity: up to 7000 bph
machine length: 2655 mm
machine width: 1290 mm
machine height: 3545 mm
installed power per motor: 0.75 kW, 380V/50Hz