FOR SALE: Meyn Rapid HQ Breast Deboner with latest modifications

From location, Meyn’s high-speed breast cap filleting machine, upgraded with newest modification, with:

  • the latest model de-skinner, 
  • the newest model wishbone chisel, 10 unit
  • the latest ‘flapper’ carcass remover. 
  • Latest model tendon cutting model (2014)
  • Manual tendon removal
  • Up to 6000 breast caps/hour

Optional including training on the machine, and assist with dismantling and 1 week re-installation and training of local staff, by present owner. Can be inspected on location.

Key Benefits

  • Very high and consistent yield with a minimum of bone content.
  • Large weight range within one setting.
  • Excellent performance for breast caps (wings off).
  • High output per man-hour.
  • Consistency of performance during operation.
  • Unrivalled capacity in a compact operation.
  • Large flexibility of products in and products out:
  • Half fillets with separate tenderloins or with tenderloins attached.
  • Whole fillet with separate tenderloins.
  • Little moving parts, easy to maintain.

Demonstration Video of a SIMILAR line

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brand: Meyn
machine: Breast Deboner
machine type: Rapid HQ
capacity: up to 6000 breasts per hour
machine length: 12000 mm (fence length: 13500 mm)
machine width: 2030 mm (fence width 3700 mm)
machine height: 3300 mm
weight: 6000 kg
installed power per motor: 1x 8.0 kW