*sold* Stork AMF-BX Filleting machine *sold*

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Stork AMF-BX is made up of modules installed along a transport mechanism with turning product holders. Each module is responsible for one process step. Breast caps are loaded onto the holders. These convey them through the system’s modules and turn them into the correct position for each step. Modules can be switched on or off for different end products. Apart from loading, meat removal and trimming, all filleting operations can be done automatically. In 2012 the system was reconditioned by the customer with the help of Stork. 

  • Switch box
  • AMF-BX PDC basic unit, product holders with tip
  • Safety guarding
  • Safety fence
  • Cutting boards
  • De-skinning module
  • Wishbone remover
  • Fillet halving module
  • Fillet separation module 
  • Optional new cabling

Stork® AMF-BX 2098


brand: Stork®
machine: Filleting Machine
machine type: AMF-BX
year manufactured: Reconditioned by Stork in 2012
capacity: 3000 caps/hour
machine length: 11800 mm
current state: 2