Stork Deboning Line

Stork Whole Leg Deboning Line

  • A complete Stork Whole Leg Deboning Line;
  • Maximum original capacity 7000 legs per hour;
  • Modules ranging from 2001 to 2004;
  • Thigh meat harvesting module;
  • Drumstick deboning module;
  • Thigh bone scraper;
  • Tendon incision module; 
  • Shackle washer

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Stork Whole Leg Deboning line video:

Stork Leg Deboning Line 6112


brand: Stork
machine: Leg Deboning Line
machine type: ACM-MX
year manufactured: 2001 to 2004
direction: counter clockwise
capacity: up to 4000 legs per hour