Used poultry stunning machines

If you are looking for chicken stunning equipment, you have reached the right place. We have various types of poultry stunner machines for sale. In modern poultry processing plants, birds are rendered unconscious before they are slaughtered. This process is also called "stunning". The two most common poultry stunning methods are electrical stunning and controlled atmospheric stunning.

Electrical stunning 

An electrical system, such as an electrical water bath, can be used to stun birds. By wetting the bird's head and creating an electrical circuit, the poultry is stunned before slaughtering. In the United States and other places, it is common to use a low-voltage current which leads to birds being senseless and immobilized. In the European Union high-voltage systems are in use that are more powerful. These systems will not only immobilize a bird, but have enough power to cause an immediate cardiac arrest. 

We have several systems for pre-slaughter stunning of poultry available on stock. These water bath stunning machines can be used to effectively broilers, ducks, geese and other birds according to regulations.

Controlled atmospheric stunning

When utilizing controlled atmospheric stunning, simply called gas stunning, a gas mixture is used to deprive birds of oxygen, inducing unconsciousness. In some countries it is preferred to stun poultry by gassing. Because there's less handling involved, the birds experience less stress. Also, there's a reduced chance at pre-stun shocks. 

Please contact us for more information about Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS).  Currently we have no solutions on stock, but we know of opportunities to acquire equipment of this kind.