Meyn High Frequency Quest Stunner 20223

  • Total length 8 meters, stunning length 4,75 meters
  • Machine is part of the killing line and is designed to render birds unconscious before they are killed
  • Positive effects on bleeding, which in turn improve meat quality
  • An advantage of high frequency stunning at 50 or 60 hertz is that the current runs along the surface skin of the bird, leading to less risk at hemorrhages.

Meyn Quest HF Stunner 20223


brand: Meyn
machine: Stunner
machine type: Quest
capacity: 12000 bph (at 6"), 9000 bph (at 8"), 6000 bph (at 12")
machine length: 8000 mm
machine width: 1300mm
machine height: 2400mm
weight: 560kg
installed power per motor: 12,5 kW