Used Pneumatic / Spring-loaded Line Tensioners

Pneumatic / Spring-loaded Line Tensioners

  • Looking for a (used) line tensioner for the overhead conveyor in your poultry processing line / plant?
  • A fast and affordable way to source (emergency) replacement parts, we can deliver straight from stock! 
  • We have all kinds of line tensioners in stock, from Stork, Meyn, Linco, Systemate and Pennine.
  • Track type: T- and Tube-track
  • Tensioner types: pneumatic (air powered) as well as manual (spring-loaded)
  • Diameters: ⌀291, ⌀485, ⌀679
  • Stainless steel or galvanized
BrandMaterial TypeTrack typeTensioner typeDiameterAmount in stock
Stork Stainless steelT-trackPneumatic4851
StorkStainless steel T-trackManual (spring)4852
StorkStainless steel T-trackPneumatic4851
StorkGalvanizedT-trackManual (spring)2911
StorkStainless steel Tube trackPneumatic2912
StorkGalvanized T-trackManual (spring)4851
MeynStainless steel T-trackManual (spring)2911
MeynStainless steel Tube trackManual (spring)4852
MeynStainless steel T-trackManual (spring)4853
MeynStainless steel Tube trackManual (spring)4851
MeynGalvanizedTube trackManual (spring)6794
SystemateGalvanizedTube trackManual (spring)-1
LincoStainless steel Tube trackManual (spring)2913
PennineStainless steel T-trackManual (spring)2914
PennineStainless steel T-trackManual (spring)4859

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brand: Stork / Meyn / Linco / Systemate / Pennine
machine: Line Tensioner
machine type: Pneumatic / Spring-Loaded