Poultry weighing and grading

Facing ever-changing consumer demands, poultry processors must be flexible to match customer needs, as well as being able to deliver a product of consistent weight and quality. Precise weighing and accurate quality control of poultry are of the great importance to increase profitability.

Grading / classification

A grade system is utilized to classify a bird, based on your own specific requirements, to ensure an optimal input for cut-up lines. Advanced systems can be set-up to determine the quality level for different bird parts as well as the presence of defects. Based on quality (and weight) the whole bird can be dropped in a bin or transported to a cut-up section.

Belt weigher

Belt Weighers or conveyor scales measure the weight of your product, using a conveyor belt. USE Poultry Tech designs and builds belt weighers in-house. This means we can supply a belt weigher tailored to your specific requirements (product type, capacity). Stay competitive and be sure of a consistent output and minimise product give-away! Our own computer and weighing management software are not only easy to use, but will also help you to efficiently manage and optimise your yields. Our reporting tool captures critical data, allowing you stay up-to-date on production information.

Overhead weighing line

Generally, birds are transferred to a weighing and grading system after they have been chilled. Poultry are hung manual after leaving a spin chiller or can be automatically transferred when exiting an air chiller. A weighing shackle is used to measure the birds. Depending on weight, the birds can be automatically unloaded or released at designated stations. We have several weighing lines available. Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials, they are build to last. These systems can help you to accurately and precisely measure the weight of your product. We can design and build a weighing line in-house to match your requirements. Additionaly, we also have used systems available for sale, such as this Systemate Check weigher Overhead system.